Transportation Resources

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If you have special communications or transportation needs, we want to do our best to help! Please let us know if there are any specific needs at the time you schedule your appointment. There are also a number of organizations in the community that offer transportation services.

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Rules of the Road

  • Patients must be able to walk and get themselves in and out of vehicles without assistance.
  • Volunteer drivers provide rides to non-emergency medical appointments or cancer treatments only.
  • Volunteer drivers are not guaranteed for every trip; therefore, there must be a back-up plan.
  • Some transportation resources may only provide one ride per week.
woman assisting elderly person into back of vehicle

Be Prepared

Have the following information available as they may ask when scheduling rides:

  • Your contact information: name, date of birth, address, and phone number
  • Type of cancer
  • Date and times of treatments/appointments (how long the appointments last, including wait
    time and when treatments will finish)
  • Name and address of treatment center/physician office you are going to
  • If you have any escorts or caregivers going with you
  • If you use any assistive devices such as a cane, walker, rollator or wheelchair

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