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A New Home for the Sentara Cancer Network

At the Sentara Brock Cancer Center, we are bringing together physicians, diagnostic and treatment services, and supportive care all in one state-of-the-art location.

Our Center continues to add new services and team members. Here’s what’s new!

high quality surgical services

Sentara Surgery Specialists

The Sentara Surgery Specialists tradition is built on more than 40 years of striving to provide patients with high-quality surgical services. We provide comprehensive general, thoracic, colon-rectal, bariatric, breast and oncological surgical services. As part of the Sentara Brock Cancer Center, we’ll be able to offer our patients an elevated experience with seamless access to Patient Navigators, other testing and supportive care services, as well as the services of a certified genetic counselor with Sentara Cancer Genetics Services. All physicians are board-certified fellows of the American College of Surgeons. They place much attention on the uniqueness of each person’s condition and regularly engage in Multidisciplinary Care Conferences that bring together a variety of specialties to ensure all angles are considered in the development of a personalized care plan.

Call 757-261-5000 for appointments and visit their website on for more information about their hours, providers and services.

McLeskey Comprehensive Breast Center

The McLeskey Comprehensive Breast Center is among an elite group designated as an American College of Radiology Breast Imaging Center of Excellence. After rigorous evaluation, our center is NAPBC accredited in the three major areas of breast imaging and cancer detection: mammography, stereotactic breast biopsy and ultrasound-guided biopsy. As part of the Sentara Brock Cancer Center, patients will benefit from an even more seamless experience.

Call 757-624-0120 for more information. You can also visit sentara.com/mammo.

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Sentara Advanced Imaging Center

The Advanced Imaging Center on the Sentara Brock Cancer Center campus will offer easy access to patients needing additional imaging services as part of their diagnosis and treatment. Our Advanced Imaging Center offers easy access to patients needing additional imaging services as part of their preventative care or diagnosis and treatment. Services include 3T MRI, 64 Slice CT, and PET/CT, with ECHO and X-ray coming soon. Our advanced imaging capabilities allow physicians to more accurately and efficiently diagnose patients’ conditions, and our team of subspecialized radiologists provide expert interpretations and send the results instantly to your referring physician.

Call 757-624-0190 for more information.

Sentara Therapy Center

Our Sentara Therapy Center will offer Neuro and Cancer rehab services. While a state-of-the art location that will care for a variety of patients, it has been especially designed with our cancer patients in mind. We are bringing together the specialists and services most needed during treatment and recovery to help better manage pain and speed healing. From general therapy to providing support during and following chemotherapy to lymphedema management, our team will work with you and your physician to assess needs and develop the best course of care.

Call 757-261-0855 for more information and appointments. Learn even more about available services on sentara.com.

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Research and Clinical Trials

Clinicians and academic researchers in the Sentara Cancer Network partner with Virginia Oncology Associates, Eastern Virginia Medical School, George Mason University and other national and local healthcare organizations to conduct research that elevates patient care. We offer research throughout the Sentara system, with a focus in Hampton Roads and Blue Ridge regions.

We are a proud and productive member in good standing of The Alliance for Clinical Trials for Oncology, funded by the National Cancer Institute. As a leading contributor to national research, we are committed to participating in promising clinical trials that make new first-line therapies available to patients right now. Our team also participates in research that may lead to better options for prevention, diagnosis and treatment in the future. One constant goal is to improve our patients’ quality of life.

Learn more about our work and current trials
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Sentara Supportive Care Services

The Sentara Brock Cancer Center is now offering palliative care, or care, on an outpatient basis. If patients have severe physical or emotional symptoms, are experiencing a spiritual or existential crisis, or need support through goals of care and advance care planning conversations, the team is here to help. Call the office at 757-624-0300 to learn more.

Sentara Advanced Illness Services

As part of the Sentara Brock Cancer Center, our on-site Sentara Advanced Illness Services team is available to counsel Optima Health patients with a serious or advanced illness on available care options with the hope to expand to other insurance providers in the future. The team of specially trained nurses and social workers partner with patients and their families to have goals of care discussions to ensure the plan matches with family preferences. They can also connect patients to Sentara Home Health and Hospice for additional support and care. If you are an Optima patient and think you may benefit from these services, speak to your doctor or contact the team at 757-553-3203.

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Sentara Lab Services

A new location within the Sentara Brock Cancer Center will make lab work more convenient and less stressful for our patients when they’re juggling multiple appointments. Our on-site lab will offer walk-in access for the majority of the lab work you and your care team need.


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