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Patient Navigators

Because cancer care typically involves many treatments from a wide range of doctors and specialists, it can be incredibly overwhelming — especially as you are trying to emotionally come to terms with your diagnosis and the journey ahead. That’s why our Sentara Brock Cancer Center offers patients a dedicated medical professional called a cancer patient navigator. From diagnosis to recovery, they are there to help guide you through the process and provide the answers and support you need.

Get to know our Sentara Brock Cancer Center Navigators
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Cathy, a Nurse Navigator, helps patient better understand their condition, treatment options available and helps to take the uncertainty out of what comes next. She can be reached at 757-624-0193.

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A Breast Cancer Survivor and now a Nurse Navigator, Clayres cherishes the opportunity to listen, advocate, guide and inspire patients along the journey. She can be reached at 757-624-0142.

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Your Sentara Account

Sentara offers patients access to a special online portal with a downloadable app to help take the stress out of managing care. We encourage all of our patients to sign-up and download the app. You can see information about your condition all in one place – medications, test results, upcoming appointments, and even patient education. You’re also able to send messages to your care team and give access to family members that may be helping in your care. And that’s not all! With online billing through the app, you can even see all your Sentara medical bills together.

View our guide to your Sentara online account.

Peer Mentoring

For cancer patients and caregivers going through their cancer journey, our Peer Mentor Program, in partnership with Imerman Angels, will connect those interested with mentors for more one-on-one support. Learn more by viewing our brochure or talk to your Nurse Navigator. If you’re ready, you can complete our application and send an email to

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Spiritual Support Services

At Sentara, we know that care of the spirit cannot be separated from physical care. We honor your unique spirit, physical and emotional needs, values and beliefs. Recognizing the diversity of spiritual, cultural and religious traditions you bring to us, we are committed to respecting all these things as we care for you.

Our chaplains are our spiritual care specialists, caring for people who are not religious, for those who follow particular faith traditions, and for those who are exploring the meaning of life. If you have a desire to connect with a chaplain, please let your Nurse Navigator know.

Carrillo Kern Center Woman Yoga Group

Carrillo Kern Center for Integrative Therapies

The Carrillo Kern Center for Integrative Therapies has been made possible by generous donations in memory of Jeanne Carrillo and David Kern. It is another way we are working to fulfill our promise to ensure patients and their families have all the mind, body, and spiritual support and services they need throughout their cancer journey.

Classes, Events and Support Groups

At Sentara, we believe that care should extend beyond the physical aspect of treating a disease. That’s why we provide a variety of support groups to help patients and their families cope with the emotional and mental strain that an illness can cause. We are also developing a Wellness Beyond Cancer program that brings together yoga, wellness and exercise for patients that have completed their treatment and want to work on overall health and fitness. Ask your navigator or a care team member for more info!

See support groups in your area

Community Resources

There is an incredible amount of support in our community to help those with cancer. In addition to local resources, there are a number of national resources as well. We are also excited to have Cancer Care Foundation of Tidewater as part of our campus. They are a not-for-profit organization dedicated to supporting the emotional and non-medical needs of cancer patients and their caregivers in our community.

Learn more about Cancer Care Foundation of Tidewater.

Local & National Resources
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Transportation Needs

If you have special communications or transportation needs, we want to do our best to help! Please let us know if there are any specific needs at the time you schedule your appointment. There are also a number of organizations in the community that offer transportation services.

Download a pdf of transportation resources

Financial Support Services

At Sentara, we understand that health care expenses and understanding your insurance coverage and payment options can be overwhelming. We are here to help. The Sentara Brock Cancer Center can connect patients and their families to Financial Counselors ready to answer questions and help you put together a financial plan that works for you.

Download the Understanding Your Health Insurance pdfDownload the The Top 8 Things a Newly Diagnosed Cancer Patient Needs to Know About Financial Issues pdf
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We love our volunteers! If you’re interested in supporting the Sentara Brock Cancer Center, our volunteer application and orientation process is now conducted electronically. If you need assistance with any step in the process please contact Arkeisha Smith: 757-624-0378 or at

Complete our digital application.

We also have a Patient & Family Advisory Council that is always looking for new members!
The Sentara patient-centered care philosophy recognizes the perspectives of patients and their families as a valuable resource. Sentara encourages the involvement of patients and families in shaping our hospital services.

The Sentara Cancer, Patient and Family Advisory Council members have committed their time, efforts and talents to serve in a consulting capacity for a variety of hospital issues and programs. Working together we support our mission “to improve health every day.” Established in 2013, the PFAC is always recruiting for new members who are in Hampton Roads. Join us!